Hours Away From Crawling [Video]

And away he goes!

Oh man.

I am so screwed.

This little guy is hours away from crawling.  Time to haul out all the baby gates because before I know it dude is going to be climbing stairs.

Too soon!  What’s next, hiding the car keys so he can’t sneak out at night?

Five months seems a bit early to me.  Am I wrong?  When did your baby start motoring around? 

Click onward for video in which I encourage Henry to crawl.  Why am I encouraging the end of life as I know it? I dunno. On the bright side, he’s mere months away from being able to bring me a beer from the fridge. My favorite part is the little bunny hop he executes to get his legs tucked under him. Already crawling with flair! Then he tries to Superman in the direction he wants to go. God, I love this boy, isn’t he just a grinning peach?!