Houston! We Have a Tooth!


Remember how I did a post on teething remedies like… ages ago?  Because my precious little girl was teething. Yeah, well she decided to teeth for virtually a decade in mom years, and finally got her first tooth this Tuesday.

But out of all three of my children, she is having by far the hardest time.  My first you never even knew he was getting a tooth. It would magically just appear in his mouth one day.  I thought parents with horrible teething kids were just trying to scare me.

Then came my middle son, he was pretty easy going but he refused to sleep through the night. Little did I know it was just him, and he did that till he was 18 months old. FAIL!

Well, Addison is having an extremely hard time. Fevers, crying, drooling, and she overall is simply pissed to put it politely.   But hey, at least the tooth finally broke through the gums!   Too bad the one directly next to it seems like it wants to make an immediate exit as well.

My poor little girl!  My heart breaks when I see a tear in her eye, or her wanting to chew on something just to take the pain away from her poor little gums.   I am almost out of teething tablets which seem to be the only thing that providers her with just the littlest bit of relief right now.

These are the kind of milestones I would just love to skip, not for me but for her because I absolutely hate to see her in pain!

Are there any other moms out there with some secret teething remedies that might help my small fry?


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