How Big is Baby? Soooooo Big!

big babyDo you know this game? Fuzz is a little young for it, but my mom loved to play it with all of her other grandchildren once they knew how to throw their arms above their heads.

Today, I took Fuzz to the doctor for a combination of his four month appointment and because he has the snots again. I figured I would take care of both together so I wouldn’t have to go to the doctor twice. He won’t be four months for another nine days and yet…and yet…guess how much he weighs?

Sixteen pounds, nine ounces.

Yup. He’s almost doubled his birth weight.

There’s been a lot of talk on BFY about fat babies and such, beginning when Fuzz was only six weeks old and I knew he’d be a tank just like his brother. He’s tall too. His weight put him in the ninetieth percentile, and his height the seventy-fifth. Again, I’m totally not worried about how giant he has become, although it does make carrying him around a bit more difficult. As my obstetrician said when I was lugging him around on the inside: “That’s just how you make ’em.”

I’d also like to add that many pediatricians (including mine) STILL only use the height/weight charts that are for formula-fed babies, and not the new ones which reflect breastfed babies’ growth.

Still, in the words of his doctor “He’s absolutely perfect.” So, I’m not freaking out about overfeeding him.

Now, in regards to his cold, Fuzz has been waking up a bunch due to his poor stuffy nose, so the last few nights he has been attached to me all…night…long. (Hmm, could this be adding to his girth, maybe?). Needless to say we’re both totally exhausted. She said I don’t have to feed him every time he wakes up, but I wonder if I’d be getting even less sleep if I let him cry (which I don’t want to do) or tried to bounce or rock him back to sleep with his stuffed up nose situation. I’m not sure I’m ready to pull the plug on the night feedings yet and since I believe the nursing really does help comfort when he’s sick, I’m probably going to stick with it until he feels better, but perhaps I can cut it down to once or twice. That’s hard to do when it’s the middle of the night, though. She said I should just ‘pretend’ I’m asleep and see if he goes back to bed. I actually tried it today when we took a nap together, and it worked, except I wasn’t pretending.

The doctor also recommended the Nose Frida, as many of you have too! She actually told me not to use the aspirator because it can push the snots back up there and reinfect, or something. So, I got my buns to Whole Paycheck and purchased the Swedish contraption, but have yet to try it on him. Will report back.

Is your baby a tank like mine? Does your little one comfort nurse when he/she is sick?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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