How Do You Stay Up Through Night Feedings?


(Alternately titled: Zombie Mom Seeks Advice)

While Paul has already proven that it’s possible for him to sleep through the night (he’s done it once, maybe twice), it still happens pretty rarely.

During a typical night, I still get up with him at least once (sometimes twice) a night. Since I’m exclusively breastfeeding, the nightly feeding fall all on me. The truth might be personally exhausting, but my husband has never gotten up with our babies for a feeding. Not once in over 7 years. And yes, I remind him of that little fact all the time.

So I’m doing my best to keep my eyes and ears open every night while burning the midnight oil. But friends, I’m really tired. And my wits are unraveling quickly.

I need suggestions. How do you all stay awake while feeding in the middle of the night? Or do you let yourself fall asleep in the chair/bed/sofa?

There was a time when I would bring Paul into bed with us and nursing him laying down, but for me personally, it just doesn’t feel safe. I’m so tired I’ll fall asleep, I know it. And turning on the TV I fear might wake me up more than I want to be, making it hard to fall back asleep once we’re finished. I know, I have a problem here on my hands.

What do you do? Watch infomercials? Play on your phone? Stare off into space like a zombie mom?

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