How Does Your Birth Story Compare to This Womans? (Hint: It Doesn't)

Flight attendant
Who knew flight attendants were so multi-talented?

Do you have a wild birth story? Like, did you go into labor somewhere wacky, like a department store? Did your water break in the checkout line at the supermarket? Did you deliver only minutes after arriving at the hospital?

Well, none of those compare to a Chinese woman named Feng Yu, who gave birth somewhere between Sichuan Province and Wuhan, according to Fox News.

Assisting her in the delivery? Flight attendants. Why? Because they were on a plane, in the air.

The 23-year-old woman was advanced in her pregnancy, and airline officials don’t allow women more than 7 months along to fly, but she is a slim woman who was wearing heavy clothing, so her condition went unnoticed.

Until 50 minutes into the flight, that is.

“I was frightened when the baby’s head came out, but the body was still stuck. I asked myself to calm down and firmly held the woman’s hand and tried hard to recall what I had learned from emergency training,” said, Zuo Lei, a flight attendant who helped with the delivery.

Baby Angel weighed in a 6.6-pounds approximately 7 minutes before the flight landed. She and mom are doing just fine.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever heard of someone giving birth, or is this it?

Image: Wikipedia


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