How Evie Bundles


When Evie was 10 weeks old, we made the trek across the country to NYC. (I’ll post about that lovely experience later. ) We hit up those filthy, pee-ridden streets so that I could meet with editors and art directors and show them my new portfolio. Thankfully, her Nana and two aunts were also there to Bjorn her around town and she couldn’t have been a better baby. Seriously. I know I lucked out in a major way, but she was also so comfortable in her Bjorn that every time she was in it, she fell right to sleep.

Evie has been in cold climates since birth, so I’ve learned a thing or two about bundling. And for the rest of you who haven’t been lucky enough to have Spring actually spring, my favorites include:

1. Baby Bjorn Active with an Infant Cover for colder times.

2. Janie & Jack Little Monkey Plush Bundler -Awesome for itty bitty babies and has a hole for the car seat buckle.

3. JJ Cole Bundle Me for stroller or car seat.

4. Nordstrom Baby Quilted Bunting (thanks, Taza).

5. Amazing hats only my Finnish great aunt can make.

What have been your favorites for bundling your babe?

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