How Much Do You Pay For a Babysitter?

How much do you pay your babysitter?
How much do you pay your babysitter?

My husband and I haven’t had a date night since celebrating Valentine’s day – you know back in FEBRUARY.  Thankfully we have a strong marriage that can withstand 4 children, but we need a night out.  Like STAT.

By the reaction we get from our family each time we casually mention the words “watching the kids” – we’re pretty sure that watching our kids is last of their list of things they want to do in this lifetime.

Fortunately, we found a sitter who is up for the task and next week the husband and I will get a bonafide night out. Just me and him. No high chairs. No snapping kids into car seats. No temper tantrums. No kids meals.  A date, for realz yall! So here is the question — how much do I pay the baby sitter?  Back when I baby sitted, I was paid $3 an hour for 2 kids. Sadly, that number totally dates me.

This info graphic from UrbanSitter shows the going rate for babysitting for 1 child. Now a days, averages more than minimum wage!

how much to pay the baby sitter

So our date may involve food from the drive-thru and watching a movie on the iPad in our car since it looks like the babysitter might just break the bank. I wonder if she’ll take a credit card? At this point, I’d consider going into debt for a night out.

Image source: via UrbanSitter

How Much Do You Pay For Your Babysitter?


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