How She Came To Be — The Home Birth Story of River Promise


Friends, I have no idea where these days and weeks have gone. River turns 8 weeks old in a couple days and honestly? We cannot believe it. I haven’t written this story out because I partly kept it special for just me until now, and partly because colic has ruled the house these past weeks.

Things are finally better, my head is above water now and I need you to know River’s story. This is the beginning of how she came to be. I wish you could each meet her and lock eyes and feel your spirit rumble deep inside you. For now, here is how it happened.

At one week past my due date I hit that place where you just can’t take it anymore. I remember sitting on my Grandma Pearl’s quilt and sobbing and asking God what more I was going to be asked to endure. How could I possibly wait any longer?! Related: It’s really too bad I’m not more dramatic.

Once I passed that day, I settled in to the overdue place and felt truly free. It was a really beautiful time, almost quiet as a whisper, and looking back I miss it like you miss that Christmas morning magic before things begin, or that anticipation right before you stepped down the aisle.  It was a once in a lifetime time.

The deep places those extra days carved into my heart have been filled with baby and wonder now. I felt no need to “hurry things along” and tried none of the labor-starting tricks. I just waited.

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