How to Fold Laundry With a Newborn


Having to fold laundry is bad enough, if you ask me. Add a crying newborn to the picture and the mundane can get surprisingly stressful, real fast.

I’ve been having a hard time getting the easy stuff done; this particular load of laundry had been on the “freshen up” cycle a few too many times.

Baby Girl had been having one of those nights—one where she needed a lot of bouncing and soothing, and I was bound and determined to get this one thing checked off my list: fold laundry or bust.

The plan was to set her down for a few minutes and speed-fold my toddler’s pants and T-shirts. She let me know she wasn’t happy to be out of my arms, but one robot T-shirt and pair of sweatpants in, and Baby Girl’s eyes got nice and wide. And I realized whatever I was doing was working.

Here’s what it was, easy as pie: Folding laundry over her little face. She was delighted to see her big brother’s Levi’s  and her pink swaddling blankets dangling above her. Before I knew it, her fussiness was gone and that load of laundry that had been staring me in the face for about three days too many, was all done.

Guess they invented those baby mobiles for a reason. And I hope that makes one little task easier for you, today.

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