How to Swaddle a Baby (Video)

How to swaddle a baby
How to swaddle a baby

When our first child was born, we had NO idea what we were getting into!

After hours upon hours of labor, an epidural gone bad and crazy delivery – our sweet Z was born.

After our introduction and her newborn tests, a nurse talking to my husband asked if he knew how to swaddle a baby.

Swaddle? What was that?

I told you we were clueless, didn’t I?

So my husband taped this 8 years ago. This is our daughter Z being swaddled by the nurse for the first time. Which also serves as a video on how to swaddle a baby!

When first introduced to the concept of swaddling, I have to admit we seriously thought it was downright torture for the child. It reminded me of a little straight jacket. After dealing with colic, we quickly learned the way of the swaddle. Our first we swaddled for her first 8 or so months. She was a tiny thing and came to LOVE being swaddled more than anything.

Each child will let you know his or her love for it. Our second, could care less. Our third, another colicky baby loved being swaddled for the first several months. And our baby Zeke, he is cool either way – but I do notice him sleeping better when swaddled (therefore we swaddle when Mom needs sleep!).

Did You Swaddle Your Baby?