How We Blog With Babies

Something is getting between me and my work.

Since mid-December, I’ve noticed I’ve had an increasingly hard time getting my blogging done. (It probably has something to do with that beloved creature you see to the left.)

Maybe you, like me, watch (in awe) as other moms carry out their work duties with newborns or toddlers, or newborns and toddlers in the house, and wonder how in the world they do it.

Since we’re all moms of babies, I figured I’d ask my fellow Baby’s First Year bloggers to share a tip or two with me, products and practices included. My prodding uncovered a secret multi-tasking weapon I have yet to master: Breastfeeding while blogging.

Read on to find out how it’s done, and to get a few get-work-done-with-baby pointers from some pretty awesome bloggers, if I do say so.

Danielle: My biggest pointer is GET STUFF DONE when the baby is sleeping. Like right now: Little one is napping and I am drafting my posts for tomorrow.

Meredith: I write this as my 3-year-old naps in the other room and my 4-month-old alternatively sips from my breast and dozes in and out on My Brest Friend (it really is). I work early in the morning, late at night and on weekends. I also often have to ignore my kids, but I get my work done. It’s not usually ideal, but I’d rather do this than put the baby in daycare (my older daughter is in preschool 3 days a week). “Having it all” just isn’t possible, but I’m trying my best “have some.”

Casey: I didn’t start blogging here until my baby was about 3 months old, but I get mine in at night when my husband is home (he knows I need at least an hour each night if not two, but I write for 2 blogs as well, plus my own because I’m a masochist.) Naptime, weekends and in the dead of night if needs be, whenever I have a moment and feel like I can write. Also, if you’re a pumper you must MUST get a hands free pumping bra.

Madeline: I totally blog while nursing (I am nursing while I type this email, LOL). For me it was all about the Boppy. It helped support the babe so I could get my hands free to type. I also recommend writing (bits and pieces of posts, at least) on something really portable. I have a tablet that I start most of my posts on because it’s so convenient!

Roni: I mostly blog when my baby is sleeping but sometimes I make him the subject. We sit on the floor with blocks and toys. My laptop and camera are both in arms reach so A.) if he does something cute I can capture and blog it or B.) if he gets really distracted or into something I can blog alongside while he plays. It’s been working but lately he’s too interested in my computer.

Crissy: I do my blogging with the baby in a Moby wrap, kicked back in a recliner, and I have a super lightweight Macbook Air that I put on my lap. From this position, I can shout commands at the 2-year-old and pray he listens!

Selena: Amen to all of the above and then some. It gets easier? Really it does. Also – YES to the handsfree pumping bra. This one kicks butt. I wore Abby pretty much constantly during her 1st 3 months due to colic … so that’s how I blogged/blogged while nursed, ate, etc.etc.etc.

Molly/Digital Mom: Insomnia. It gives me the quiet time (which means Adele blaring in my ears – but no having to worry about bambino) that I need for some heads down bloggin’. Unfortunately, that means I am a zombie until I can play catch-up on the weekends. But that’s how I roll.

Melissa: I am up most nights until midnight or 1 a.m. squeezing in my photo-editing and blog-writing. Since I work out of the home and away from my kids all day, my evening and weekend time is reserved for them. It’s tough to juggle it all!

Have a tip to share? Chime in below! I’ll be working on my nursing-plus-blogging. Nogging? Blursing? You get the idea.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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