The morning after delivery...Abigail Mills born Tuesday July 26 2011 at 7pm., 7lbs., 7oz.

I (we), made it. Barely. A couple of days late to my new(ish) bogging gig and weak in the knees, but still thumping. I’m Selena and today my journey with Babble continues from Being Pregnant to Baby’s First Year!

Who says life is fair anyways? Straight from the hospital last Tuesday, with our brand new baby girl Abigail to meet her ‘big’ brother Wyndham (21 months), at home who was hella sick.

Onto my blundering intro…

I’m 33 years young with the very recent addition of a second child – not bad for someone who was told they are infertile. I am Anishinaabe/Canadian. A complicated mix of blood I am proud of. I’m not afraid or ashamed to talk about the darker side of life as a woman who has survived some of it’s more grim realities.

I went to school to be a social worker and 2 years in the field left me realizing I made a mistake and it was a career I am just not cut out for. I moved on to working for not-for-profits, advocating for and working with my direct and in-direct community, (First Nations and all Indigenous peoples). It was intensely challenging, rewarding work – a ladder on which I worked diligently and successfully at climbing, only to have my silly dreams come true and meet the man of my dreams.

It wasn’t the he who cut my career short. It was the even bigger dream that did it. The one of his fantastical swimmers achieving super-star status. Giving me (us), the children I never though I’d have.

Happy Daddy

This changed everything. All of my goals, my planned life path in general. With the birth of my first came some major brain/soul re-routing and I dug deeper into my well. The desire to stay-at-home as much as possible while still having some sort of career being my new enterprise. So here I stand today, with a slowly growing little artisan business and of even bigger surprises, writing.

If you rrrrreally want to know more about me, my family or my learning journey with Babble, you can start here, or here. As for my personal blog bio? That needs to be seriously updated. Perhaps I should stop by there next.

I can’t wait to share my Birth Story with you, we’ve been working on it intermittently when we get a chance. Hello new crazy life with a newborn and a toddler! Hopefully it will be ready to share on the internets by the end of this week, or beginning of next.

I’m thinking that this opportunity to document the first year of my sweet baby girl’s life is the bee’s knee’s. The plethora of videos and pictures, trials and tribulations to be shared. You can’t wait, right? And of course; all of the crafty, home DIY, food-lovin’  bits of goodness related to my adventures in baby-land I can fit in. Did I mention I’m getting married September 2012? No doubt some of those plans will finnagle their way in here.

Big Bro & Lil' Sis

Enough about me, what about you? Are you a mompreneur? A mom-blogger? Do you detest both terms almost as much as I sometimes do? (It’s all so circumstance). Do you have a newbie and a young tot? Or more?! I’d love to hear about how you made it. Right now, for all of my blissed out-ness,I can barely see the light.

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