Huck And The Return Of The Tongue


When Huck was about four months old we flew to Portland together to visit his Grandma & Grandpa Lovin.

I tentatively call them Jumie and Guapo, because who am I to pick grandparent names for my kid, but also, what if my kid wants to call them something unoriginal like Nana and Pop pop? You gotta think of these things ahead of time, after all. Or do you? How did you figure this out? Did you let your parents pick their own names? This isn’t the point though.

The point is after the jump (such a tease!).

While we were there Huck discovered his tongue. It was really exciting. All day long he’d be experimenting with how far out of his mouth he could stick that tongue. All that fresh air on his tongue must have tasted delicious. And it was like I could see his little brain working and cranking and figuring out all sorts of variables involving said tongue: Is it fun sticking my tongue out when I am happy? Yes it is! How about when I am sad? Still fun! And frustrated? So much! And sleepy? Even sleepy!

And then, as is the case with all fun tricks you discover when you are a baby, he forgot all about it and moved on to staring in wonder at himself while twisting his wrists and pinching his thumb and forefinger together. (So elegant! Aren’t I so elegant, when I twist my wrist like this? Wait–am I still elegant? Yep, I am still elegant!)

I was a little sad to see it go. The tongue has been one of my favorites. Close runner up to when he discovered his Ps and spent three weeks looking at me and saying, “Puhhhhh” with a quizzical look on his face. So when it came back the other day? Hoorah! The tongue! Oh how I have missed you!!

And now! Photographic evidence that my child is awesome.

  • Four Months 1 of 6
    Four Months
    Tongue With Cabbage Patch Doll
  • Four Months 2 of 6
    Four Months
    Tongue With Tiger Stripes And Crazy Eyes
  • Four Months 3 of 6
    Four Months
    Tongue With Tiger Stripes
  • Seven Month Tongue 4 of 6
    Seven Month Tongue
  • Seven Month Tongue 5 of 6
    Seven Month Tongue
  • Just ‘Cause 6 of 6
    Just 'Cause

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