I Almost Found Out My Baby's Gender Over Baby Clothes


When I was pregnant, I decided not find out the gender of my baby. People thought I was crazy, but I didn’t need to prepare my nursery in gender-specific colors with my baby’s name spelled out in wooden blocks. I also didn’t need to know the gender to bond with my baby.

At 6 months pregnant, I was teaching a photo retreat in France and went shopping. I quickly fell in love with a line of baby (girl) clothing… so much so, that I contemplated calling my clinic to find out the gender just so I could clear out the place with the right type of baby clothing.

I love baby girl clothes. So. Much. Confession? I had already bought a few pieces each time I went to France and it was waaaay before I was pregnant… or thinking about getting pregnant. I thought I was the only crazy who did this, but one by one, many of my friends have admitted to doing the same. So, I’d convinced myself that I was having a boy and a few thoughts after I found out (at delivery) that it was a girl, I thought of the amazing baby clothes. The girl has quite a collection of amazing clothing that she will be passing onto her little sister (nope, not pregnant again… but someday).

Every couple weeks, I decide I have a new favorite outfit on her. This picture is one of those weeks. Bubble onesie from BabyGap and IZOD sandals.

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