I Check On My Baby In The Middle Of The Night To See If He's Breathing

Ah, that sweet face! It's no wonder I worry about him so much.

I suppose one of the biggest challenges that come with being a new parent is getting over irrational fears.  Before Wolf was born, I was more concerned with whether or not I’d be able to care for a new baby than the pain I’d experience during childbirth.  I mean, come on!  It’s a gigantic responsibility and it’s not like caring for a new pet where they can do most things on their own.  Babies can’t even roll over.  Gah!

So of course, I’ve had a few irrational {and yes, sometimes a little crazy} fears while raising Wolf these first two months.  Want to hear what they are?

I check on my baby in the middle of the night to see if he’s still breathing. Ok.  I did this a LOT when we first brought Wolf home.  I’d put him down for a nap and then once out of the room I’d worry if his swaddle was too close to his face or if he was on his side and might roll over and not be able to breathe.  Plus, I was afraid that he’d just stop breathing.  I’ve gotten over most of this fear now that Wolf is 2 months old.  But it was hard when he was so tiny and fragile not to worry!

I worry that he’s not getting enough food. This one is a little obsessive.  Since I’ve been trying to boost my milk supply, I still have no idea if Wolf is getting enough milk from me alone to survive.  I’ve been supplementing at the breast with formula since he was born and just recently I’ve started exclusively breastfeeding him when he first wakes in the morning.  I’m fairly certain he’s getting enough from me during this feeding to be satisfied yet he fusses when I try to feed him in the afternoons this way.  But he’s still peeing and pooping like a champ so I know he’s growing!

I’m convinced the brake on our stroller will give out. Every time we use the brake on Wolf’s stroller, I ask my husband to double check it more than once to make sure it’s working.  No one wants a baby in a stroller rolling down the hill!!

Whew.  That feels good to get them off my chest!  What about you, do you have any irrational fears about your baby?