I Didn't Agree with the Doctor.


Vivi had her two month well baby check last week (technically she’s two and half months but things got bumped with the doctor having a family emergency blah blah...) and the good news? She is well. The bad news? I don’t agree with her doctor on something. It isn’t a huge deal, I have a feeling it would be a much bigger deal if I were a first time mom. But I’m not. This isn’t my first rodeo. So I smiled and nodded at the doctor’s advice, tried it out and then chose to ignore it.

You see, he asked how long Vivi sleeps at night. When I responded 10-11 hours most nights he said that we should be waking her to feed her after about six hours. His reasoning was that babies her age can’t hold onto enough nutrition to make it that long at night. Except that she does. My reasoning for ignoring his advice is that she is not receptive to being woken up and fed (we tried, she fell fast asleep before we could even sit down.) And this baby of mine? Does not take a decent nap during the day (we’re talking tiny little kitty naps all day long) so by the time bedtime rolls around? Baby wants to sleep. Period.

The biggest reason for ignoring his well meaning (textbook) advice? She’s perfectly well nourished. Rolls for days. Even her doctor agreed that she is far from undernourished. She eats plenty throughout the day, she is happy and growing just fine. That being said, if she does wake up in the night (which happens) of course we feed her. But until she learns to nap for longer than 10 minutes a day I see no reason to interrupt the quality sleep she gets (and needs) at night.

Has a doctor ever told you to do something one way but your gut told you to go another? After all, I’m the one that spends 24 hours 7 days a week with this little girl, I trust myself more than a doctor who sees her for seven minutes every two months.

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