I Don't Know How She Does It


Last week, a friend asked if my husband and I could watch her 12-year-old daughter for three days while she and her husband went out of town, and of course I said yes. I have things to do, but my schedule is liquid, I can generally come and go as I please. I was happy to help.

I gained a whole new respect to mothers of more than one child. There were volleyball games, church activities, school drop offs and pickups. And I wasn’t even helping her with homework, there were long nightly phone conversations with her mother going over math, history, and English assignments.

It was a new adventure getting Tate out of bed in the morning for school drop off and breastfeeding him in a private school parking lot because we were 30 minutes from home and he needed to eat.

At the end of the three days, I was toasted. It gave me a new respect for my mother — who had 5 of us, and my mother-in-law who had 8! Not to mention working moms and single moms… I guess each mother meets whatever challenges arise as they come, but I can’t imagine full-time parenting to more than just Tate any time soon.