I Had a Baby... Now I Am Losing My Hair

Hair? What Hair?

Three kids later, I am still shocked and amazed when my hair starts to fall out in giant clumps.   I am honestly not sure if all women go through it, but if you do… my heart goes out to you because this sucks!

The correct term is postpartum alopecia which my husband has nicknamed postpartum propecia and has started to call me a chia pet because no matter where in my house you go, you can find my hair all over the place.

Living room…
Our bed is probably the worst… just this morning after I got up I noticed what looked like a chunk of hair… yup, that is exactly what it was… right on my pillow!

But I didn’t know this was as common as it is. But what really confuses me is the fact that it doesn’t start until 2-3 months postpartum.  And lasts for about three months.  Gradually the condition gets better, but not before it gets worse…

I never realized how much hair a single person can lose without going bald, because I am pretty sure I should look like Howie Mandel by now.

While researchers still are not clear as to what causes postpartum alopecia, they have been able to link it in hormonal changes in your body after having a baby.  Childbirth really does a number on us huh?  Even months after the fact.

I guess it was no joke when my mother told me as a child… motherhood would make me lose my hair.   Well we can just check that off the “to-do list”.

There are simple treatments such as adding vitamins, and more vegetables, and fruits into your diet, but if you are already eating healthy, and going the vitamin thing, I wouldn’t worry about it and just let it pass…

Have you experienced postpartum alopecia?
Did you know what it was?

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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