I Have A Girl! Now What?


On a daily basis — heck, sometimes on an hourly basis — I find myself doing a “ZOINKS” face about the fact that I have a little girl. After three boys it’s really sort of mind boggling how very different it is to parent a girl. And she isn’t even 2 months old yet!

I’ve noticed myself changing, less fast and brusque and “snap to it”-ish. I’m slow and gentle with her, I’m feeling way more mama bear about her. Is it because she is just a more sensitive personality? Or is the girlie thing?

My boys were not cuddlers, they weren’t gentle of spirit or needing mama. And just today my baby girl has cried and cried no matter what daddy did — until she was handed to me. The mama. I didn’t know babies even did that this young!

So any of you mamas of all boys that went on to have a girl — was it this different for you too? Or is this just my experience with this certain baby? She is making me, the house and all of us combined girly already!