I Like Sippys

Big Girl Sippy Cup!


I don’t know why it’s so cute/funny for me to watch Evie do big people things. Maybe because she’s so tiny? Or maybe because I’m one of those nauseating moms obsessed with their baby’s every move.

Regardless, one of my favorite things is to watch Evie feed herself. She seems to have the same passion for food as I do.  Evie’s been drinking out of a straw ever since she pulled my drink away from me at 4 months and sipped out of it, so I knew she’d love the sippy cup.

Then my mom bought a sippy cup with a straw in it? Have you see those? I’m a big fan. No messes when it tips and gives her a little bit of control for the 5 sips I let her take. (Because if I didn’t monitor, she’d drink us all under the table.)

For a little hydration in the middle of the day, she gets equal parts apple juice and water. What’s your baby’s favorite juice?

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