I Like To DANCE!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Huck has recently discovered the television, that grand bastion of light and hope and educational merit.

It first happened at my parents house while we were visiting last month (they have cable). Any time we would walk into the living room, Huck’s eyes would magically glue themselves to whatever flashing garbage nonsense was dancing across the giant television screen (usually Fox News, dear goodness).

I texted my husband back at home to let him know this startling development: “Huck is a Conservative!”

Or rather: “Our kid has discovered the TV! Life as we know it is changing!”

For kicks, my parents and I browsed the children’s section of On Demand. Now, I have no intention of plopping my child down in front of the TV for extended periods of time, but this is an area of parenting in which I am woefully undereducated, and I considered this research. It’s been years since I’ve babysat, and even longer since I’ve had young siblings, and so all of these kid’s television offerings are entirely foreign unto me.

Some initial questions: Who is this Caillou person? Why is his head overly large? Charlie and his sister are . . . British? Wait, kids are still watching Barney?!?

More insanely interesting details to follow, as well as a request for good kid’s programming recommendations after the jump!

While we were searching through the On Demand listings, my dad happened upon the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Huck was a goner, in love forever with Mickey and his chipper upper registers. You should have seen that kid! He wiggled in delight any time Mickey so much as glanced in his direction. And the Hot Dog Dance? Forget it. Instant classic.

When we returned home from Portland I told my husband of Huck’s new inclinations toward bright-colored cartoons, and so at Huck’s next nap time we immediately searched the YouTubes to see what all was out there (we have no cable).

That was when we discovered the brilliance of Yo Gabba Gabba.

For serious, Yo Gabba Gabba? Where have you been all my life question mark?

And now I must know: WHAT ELSE ARE WE MISSING? Spill it, friends. What programming is worth our eyeballs and what should we avoid at all costs? Also, if there is a closing song who’s lyrics out-do the Hot Dog Dance (we’re splitting the scene/we’re full of beans?) I’d like you to name it.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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