I May Not Be Able to Breastfeed, But I Can Cloth Diaper Like a Boss.


I never intended for things to go this far. With my first baby the thought of cloth diapers grossed me out. With my second I sort of considered it, I hemmed and hawed, I met some other cloth diaper moms and made the leap. Cloth diapering certainly isn’t for everyone but it is totally for me. I had joked awhile back that I made up for my inability to breastfeed with babywearing, cloth diapering and making my own baby food. I put every ounce of effort and ability I had into making these milk duds work and when they didn’t I gave into formula feeding knowing I did everything I could.

Cloth diapering comes with a language all its own. It wasn’t until I was talking about stripping on twitter the other day that I realized I’m nearly fluent in cloth diaper speak and that it happened completely by accident.

I remember talking to a friend who was bound and determined to breastfeed, she hated it, then one day she realized that her hate had turned to love. While her reasons for continuing to breastfeed were related to health and expense, she mainly continued doing it because she was really good at. She liked doing it. That’s how I am with cloth diapers. There was a giant overwhelming learning curve but I kept at it and now what was once daunting and time consuming is a part of our everyday life. When I proclaimed my victory on twitter I learned that there are a lot of moms out there who really want to cloth diaper but can’t because of circumstance. Unwilling daycare facilities, laundry availability, multiple kids in diapers or any other number of reasons. Sure, you could where there’s a will there’s a way, but I know for a fact that sometimes even the strongest will can’t make something happen.

I’m grateful that I’m able to cloth diaper, I’m grateful I have the resources to do it and that it’s easy for me. I wish breastfeeding would have worked out in the same way but there’s no sense in dwelling on it. I have to celebrate the little victories. We should all celebrate the little victories rather than dwell on the things we can’t change.

Even if those little victories catch poop and pee in the cutest way possible.

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