I Made A Promise To Be A Strong Mama


sad wolfYesterday we took Wolf for his 2 month well baby visit and he’s doing great.  He’s gaining weight right on track {hooray!} and he’s in the 90th percentile for his height{whoa!}.  The nurse said he’s a long, lean baby!  At the end of the appointment, Wolf got his first set of vaccines.  My husband stood with him because I’m not the biggest fan of needles, but I could still see his little face.  He was SUCH a sad baby but I think it was me who was even sadder.

My baby boy is the most happy baby I know.  He cries only when he’s hungry or if he’s really really sleepy.  The rest of the time he’s all smiles and coos.  But last night was the saddest I’d seen him ever.  He cried real tears, you guys.  Real tears!!!  His little eyelashes were damp and you could just see in his little face that he didn’t feel good and his body just hurt.  I couldn’t help but want to cry with him and it took all my effort to hold it together.

I suppose this was just one of the many moments in Wolf’s life where I have to be strong.  It’s a little frightening not knowing what events might come up where I have to bite my tongue to hold back tears.  I’m a bit of a weanie sometimes and I cry really easily.  But when I was pregnant, I made a promise to myself and to Wolf that I’d be a strong mom.  And knowing the adrenaline junkie personalities of the boys in our families, I’m sure I’ll have to be stronger than I think possible!

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