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I Miss Crib Bumpers

By Roni |

Little Bean in His Crib

With baby number one, there was no talk of baby bumpers killing kids. At least I don’t remember it being an issue. It was just something I put in the crib to create a cushion between baby and a hard wooden surface.

Frankly, I didn’t even think much of it.

Now, my word, the mention of a crib bumper and people look at you cross-eyed. Like, how could you ever considering using one and putting your innocent baby in danger! Don’t you know they kill?!

Ok, I may be exaggerating, but I did have an awkward conversation last year with a friend who asked if I needed anything for my soon-to-be-born baby boy. I mentioned a bumper and she gave me the third degree. I wasn’t yet aware of the latest safety concerns. I simply used one with my first. It was all I knew.

So I’ve gone bumper-less, but I have to say I miss them. Little Bean is quite the active sleeper. He’s all over the crib and there have been more than a few times he’s woken up with bar marks on the top of his little head.

He also has this horrible habit of getting his is arms and legs stuck in the crib ALL. THE. TIME.

Little Bean's Arm Stuck in Crib

It’s so annoying! Sometimes I have to sneak him and unstick him 2-3 times a night.

Does anyone still use a bumper? Anyone have a bumper-less solution? Am I the only one who misses them?

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29 thoughts on “I Miss Crib Bumpers

  1. Emma says:

    I use the bumpers. I certainly don’t want to risk SIDS, but I’ve got a fan, a humidifier, a non-smoking home, and frankly, that’s where I draw the line. I think bumpers were made for the very reason you are complaining. To keep little arms and legs from getting stuck. Now, if they start standing up on top of the bumper to escape the baby crib, then you would have a real problem.

    They make a breathable bumper, so that if they smother their face in the side, they can still breathe. Maybe that would be a nice compromise? Until your child starts climbing like a spider monkey, I would say you are safe to use a bumper if you know you have a healthy child and have taken precautions in other ways.

    And you know as well as all the other mothers, you will get the third degree regardless of your bumper decision. It will just be directed somewhere else.

  2. Sara says:

    I agree with Emma. I never planned on having a bumper after hearing of the dangers. But when baby kept waking up screaming b/c his arms and legs were stuck in the bars, we went out and bought a breathable bumper after the 2nd night of bad sleep. It’s made life so much nicer! It even has a little bit of cushion to it for bumped heads. Plus, when little feet start climbing on it, it collapses.

  3. Kara says:

    Someone gave me some bumpers, and I swore I wouldn’t use them. But I just put them on the crib 2 weeks ago because my daughter kept getting her feet stuck, and I was worried about her injuring herself. Like previous poster, I take other precautions against SIDS, so I’m comfortable with my decision.

  4. Kim Q says:

    We too used the breathable bumper. I only just recently took it off the crib (my daughter is 11 months old). My peanut likes to move around a lot and she also uses a pacifier, so the bumper did double duty of keeping her hands and feet within the crib as well as containing lost pacis. I removed it only because I decided it was more trouble than it was worth to keep it clean. (My daughter spits up frequently.)

  5. Lauren says:

    I use bumpers too. I don’t care what the latest safety study says about SIDS,I also do all the other precautions. Just go for it! And I actually have never seen any of my friends that have babies not use bumpers so I don’t think it’s that common to not use them.

  6. Anjie says:

    I have a breathable bumper on my 5.5 month old’s crib.

  7. sonja thompson says:

    Why don’t you try Wonder Bumpers? They rock! And no dangers at all and they’re beautiful and soft.

  8. CDN Mummy says:

    Used a breathable bumper when R was 7 or 8 months. He too kept getting stuck and would wake up crying.

  9. Mary says:

    I used the Wonder Bumpers. I found that they were best alternative, I know someone that lost a baby to the traditional crib bumper, one nostril was pressed against the side and it was enough restriction for the baby to not get enough air and he did not make it. It was so sad. Why use something that could cause harm?! Ignorance? It will not happen to me attitude? We are suppose to be living a progressive society… And its not all about death, babies need airflow. The regular bumper is known to block it causing fussy babies (I am a pediatric nurse) and feel if you want as safe option that will protect your baby use the Wonder Bumpers.

  10. Heidi says:

    I did a review on Wonder Bumbers and they are AMAZING.
    You can see them here at my site!

  11. Roslynn says:

    Have you ever heard of Wonder Bumpers? Depending on the distance between your crib slats, they can help or stop that problem too! And they’re safe! My LO still gets his hand between the slats on occasion, but not nearly as much as bare slats!

  12. BreathableBaby says:

    Try BreathableBaby mesh bumpers!

    It’s a safer alternative, and they come in a variety of cute patterns and colors! Check out the site!

  13. Christina says:

    I’m going to try a breathable bumper,same thing here he keeps getting legs and arms stuck!

  14. Rob G. says:

    We were first time parents, and a good friend recommended the Wonder Bumpers as well. We got the pink ones on our dark brown Pier One crib – and they look and work great. There is just enough padding so that our Annabelle can’t get her legs and arms through, but so that she gets plenty of air-flow and we don’t have to worry (as much!). We highly recommend them as well!

    Rob & Lucy in Los Angeles

  15. lyz says:

    breathable bumpers saved my life

  16. Nicole says:

    We got mesh bumpers and they worked great. Wonder Bumpers which go individually around each rail are also cool

  17. Shel says:

    we use the breathable mesh bumpers too. They’re awesome. Not as cute as traditional ones, but my boy’s safety is more important than a cute nursery!

  18. trixie melodian says:

    Wow, I’m horrified at the number of people who knowingly use something that is proven to increase the risk of cot death!

    In Australia, SIDS deaths have dropped by around 70% since the govt introduced guidelines on “back-sleeping” for babies. Surely following a set of guidelines that are designed to save your baby’s life is more important than having to reposition your baby during the night, or having *gasp* mismatched nursery furniture?!

    1. Roni says:

      @trixie – You know I thought there was a good conversation happening here. People made suggestions shared their opinions and thoughts on the subject and then BAM you come in with the condescending mismatched furniture comment.

      Not one other comment, nor I in my post, mentioned the desire to match our furniture. It’s people like you that make other moms fearful of asking a simple question or starting a conversation.

  19. Kate says:

    breathable bumpers. not that it matters for us.. my son slept in his crib a grand total of 3 nights.

  20. rene says:

    we use the wonder bumpers. my son likes to sleep with a foot out of his crib. the wonder bumpers allow him to be able to get it in and out on his own. the wonder bumpers also remove any risk of suffocation because of the design, they go on each individual rail so it is not wide enough for the baby to get their nose & mouth on the padding at the same time. he has slept in his crib since he was a month old, which is when he also began sleeping through the night and we have never had any problem. except for the one time i put him down for a nap WITHOUT the bumpers on (they were being washed). the wonder bumpers are a great product that EVERY parent needs. there is no reason to put something that is dangerous in your crib when there are other alternatives out there. chicago and maryland banned the bumpers for a reason. why even risk having your baby be injured?

  21. Tammy says:

    My daughter is an active sleeper too. We finally bought the mesh bumpers…breathable bumpers they’re called. now that she is standing up in the crib, I am considering removing it because even though they say it’s possible when the child stands on it, the corners don’t squish as easily as the fights too. And I have a smart little girl.

  22. Christina says:

    I tried the breathable bumper, but my son kicks it down every night, so we just took it out. Anyone have any tips for getting it to stay put? I am all ears!

  23. Alannah says:

    You just have to pick and choose how many precautions you are willing to take. A smoke free home, baby on his back to sleep, good air circulation…etc. The steps we take to prevent SIDS is endless! I say if you like the bumpers, then use them! These mesh bumpers sound like a great way to protect your baby from getting stuck between the bars, as well as put your mind at ease.

  24. Amy says:

    I’ve had a bumper in the crib since he first went in there, at about 12 weeks old. I never knew it could be a problem! He’s also always had a little blanket in there, which has gotten me a couple of lectures.

  25. jackie says:

    Hey Roni. I haven’t read the other comments so this may be a repeat but I use breathable baby bumpers. It stops getting your baby’s limbs caught but is still safe. They’re not cute but u can pick them up at most baby stores for about $30.

  26. Eileen says:

    breathable bumpers–totally. I don’t get the whole ‘bumper free’ thing since isn’t it really dangerous for them to get their limbs caught? Once they can roll over, I thought the risk of SIDs decreased greatly, b/c the issue with bumpers is that they wouldn’t be able to move away.


    The recent move away from traditional bumpers might help to improve things – breathable mesh bumpers help airflow, do not smother and prevent little ones using them as a step to climb out! They’re lightweight enough not to support a child’s weight on them, although it is recommended not to use any form of cot bumper once your child can sit up anyway. We’ve considered some alternatives to traditional cot bumpers in this article.

  28. renee says:

    The whole arms getting stuck is exactly why my son has bumpers. I believe they mean well.with all these safety regulation but to me its give lines and its up to the parent to make the best choice for their child. Example putting children to sleep on their back, I refuse to do it. I think they mean well hut as for my son I absolutely will no. My reason he has bad acid reflux and throws up a lot. When he throws up he don’t chock on it(I work at a day care and have seen babies chock on her throw up, its was so scary)it gets on his bed and he let’s me know to clean it up.there are other things I do that they say not to. I believe they are guidelines and that parent should judve what is best for their child at the end of the day your the parent not the government or the doctors…no one but you!

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