Ugh. Look how peaceful he is there. I’m jealous! We had another rough night. It’s not the constant 2 hour feedings that get me. I really don’t mind getting up, nursing and going back to bed. No, it’s the fussiness in between feedings that’s keeping me up.

During the day Little Bean will and can go long stretches without a nursing session. When I say long, I mean like maybe 3 and half hours so don’t get the wrong idea. But I would kill for a stretch of sleep that long. He’s also out like a light between sessions during the day. Not a STIR from him. Just in a deep, deep sleep. But in the middle of the night he’s up every 2 hours on the dot and he’ll toss and turn, grunt and just be over all fussy in between sessions. It’s not that he’s crying or inconsolable. He doesn’t need anything, not that I can tell, anyway. It’s more of a does-anyone-know-I’m-over-here type of whine which prevents me from falling back to sleep.

It’s KILLING me.

I cannot sleep unless he’s sleeping. Any stir from him keeps me up or wakes me up. I’m just wired that way. I’ve been considering moving him out of my room already just so I can get some sleep in between sessions but it’s too soon. He’s not even a month old yet.

Most advice I’m getting is to pump and have the husband take a shift. I could totally do that but there’s only one problem… I’ll STILL wake up. I just know I will. When it comes to my babies, I’m a bad sleeper. Without them, I sleep like a log!

I’m open to advice at this point but honestly, I just needed to vent. I know it will get better. It did with my first. Although he spoiled me. He was the best sleeper in the world! Still is. I’m trying not to compare them but it’s hard when that’s all you know.