I Plucked It… And My Mom Yelled At Me!


I have been dying my hair as long as I can remember, or at least since my mother would actually allow me to in middle school. I have been blonde…  I have had jet black hair, bright red, virtually every color under the sun in my 25 years on this Earth.

But today, I found a new shade in my hair.  One that I have never had before, and honestly am not too fond of at all.   GRAY!

While getting ready for my two week postpartum appointment this morning… I showered, then started the task of blow drying my hair and there it was… front and center right at the top of my head and sticking out like a soar thumb… a gray hair!  Heck it was virtually white, and it looks like it has been forming for a while.   Probably since all the complications with my pregnancy started in the third trimester.  I guess that is what little girls do to ya right?  At least what everyone keeps telling me!

I plucked it… I couldn’t get the tweezers to it fast enough! And I brought it out to show my mother, who was here to watch my boys while I went to my appointment.  She freaked out!   Apparently you aren’t supposed to pluck these little buggers?   I guess I should have left it and just dyed over it since I am due for a dye job since the baby is finally born… But man I couldn’t wait to get it out of my hair!

I guess they were right when they said little girls will age you quickly… heck she isn’t even two weeks old yet!  That was real quick!

When did you get your first gray hair?

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