I Really Didn't Think it Was Possible


Watching my Boys from the Front Row

In 2005 I gave birth to my first son and immediately fell head over heals in love. Just days, moments, after he came home I couldn’t imagine my life without him, and I didn’t want to. He inspired me. He gave me courage. He changed my perspective and taught me more about myself than I will ever teach him.

For 5 years my life revolved around him. We experienced things together. Grew (and are growing) together. Learned together.

I realize this sounds completely cuckoo to those of you with multiple kids, but deciding to have a second child was really tough for me. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to love someone as much as I loved my first.

Boy I couldn’t have been any more wrong.

Last night I listened as my 6 year old read a story to my 6 month old.

I was awed to say the least.

Here are these two boy that I have so much love for, I can’t even put it in in words. And they themselves have their own relationship that I’ll never comprehend.

All I can do is sit back and watch it unfold.

It’s like I have front row seats to the best movie ever.

Watching my Boys from the Front Row