I Shower & My Baby Is Still Alive


(Evie, in her bouncer while Mommy takes a shower.)

My sister writes a blog that received lots of heat from Mommies everywhere on a particular post. She suggested women shower, shave and brush their teeth. Can you believe her audacity to write such a statement? Angry moms commented and (mostly) emailed saying things like “clearly, you’re not a mom…” and “obviously, you’re not married…” because Mommies just don’t have time for a daily shower.

I am so happy that I am now a Mom who can say to those Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-Moms, “Yes! I shower! It can be done!”

(join me after the jump.)

First of all, Moms (next to athletes and teenage boys) should be showering the most. The amount of vomit, breastmilk and other bodily fluids we’re swimming around is reason alone for showering. Seriously, I didn’t know how disgusting it could be.

The common issue sister Natalie received from Moms was that they just didn’t have enough time. Listen… I work over 40 hrs a week and usually only have 4-8 hrs of babysitting for my little 3.5 month old girl. I know what it’s like not to have enough time. But in the amount of time it has taken you to read (and probably comment on) this post, we could all have taken a little scrubby-scrub.

The second common comment that was made was that they had no place to put baby. Until a couple weeks ago, Evie was propped up on a changing table pad that was on the floor. (She’s now in a bouncer.) She loves to watch me in the shower sing like a crazy person and make faces through the glass door. It’s become routine and is another great way of interaction with her. I’m sure when she’s older, it will be trickier to keep her from getting into trouble, but I plan to have my bottom bathroom drawers full of toys to play with. How else do you keep baby wrangled while you shower? And please tell me you shower.

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