I Think I've Got a Picky Eater on my Hands


When Avery started eating solids she was into eating anything and everything that I gave her. Her first food was avocado and she loved it. Then we tried apples and she ate them up. Now that we are four months into her eating solid foods, she isn’t as eager to try new fruits and vegetables.

I make all of Avery’s baby food. It’s easier for me to do it myself and Avery doesn’t like anything that comes from a jar. I buy different fruits and vegetables every week for her to try and I am having a hard time getting her to try new ones. I know the fruits and vegetables that she likes and will without a doubt eat, but I want to get more of a variety into her diet.

Every week I try to introduce at least one fruit or vegetable into her diet. This week we tried cauliflower and she gagged as soon as I put it in her mouth. I just tried again today for the second time and we had the same reaction. I really need her to eat the solids because we need to get her to gain weight, but I can’t have her eating sweet potatoes or avocado every single meal.

I’ve tried mixing some of her fruits and vegetable purees together to make it taste a little different in hopes that she might be a little bit more likely to eat them, but it’s like she can taste the vegetable that she doesn’t like right away and will refuse to eat it. She’s recently learned what “no” means and will shake her head saying, “no, no, no.”

I hate to force her to eat something that she doesn’t like, but I would also like to expand her palate. I’m torn because I don’t know whether to keep introducing new foods and hope that she likes them or stick to the ones that she does like to insure that she will gain the weight she needs.

I don’t know much about helping a picky eater at such a young age and would love your advice!

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