I Went to Salt Lake City and My Family Survived

No Mom? No Problem.

Last week I read Katie’s post about leaving the kids with dad. It seems that some dads are offended by society’s (and their wife’s) suspicion that they can’t take care of their children without the lady of the house. This was very timely as I was about to leave the three kiddos, including 4 month old Gordon, with my husband while I attended a conference. Like Katie, I think that any reluctance had more to do with single-parenting in general than who was doing it. Personally, I break into a cold sweat over the thought of my husband going away to for two days. However,  he assured me that he would be fine, in fact it would be “no problem” which translated to “a monkey could do this” in my hormonal mom brain but I let that slide because, hey, if it worked out, I saw solo trips to Palm Springs in my future.

I call your “a monkey could do this” and raise you “spa weekend at the Ace.” So I flew off to Utah with a skip in my step, but as I walked towards the gate I began to wonder… will he look for sliced turkey out in the garage fridge? Did I leave a hair comb anywhere to be found? Would he find the Bjorn buried under the strollers and 3 beach towels in the trunk of the car? Then it hit me: he would not be incapable of spending the weekend with three children “three and under.” If anything slipped him up it would be my own lack of organization. Why wouldn’t you look in the toy-box for soccer cleats?

But the weekend progressed and every text or phone call ended with “everything is great here,” or “no problem” or “I’m whipping up some pork chops and mashed potatoes, no idea why you find it so hard to get dinner on the table”– Ok, I added that last part in my crazy-brain.

I am thrilled with his Super Dad powers and plan to take full advantage of his mad parenting skills again in the near future. I’m already planning my next getaway. I’m not kidding, my flight is booked.

So I’m curious, how does your spouse do with his solo kid time? Is he a rock star? Able to survive? Lost without you? Or wouldn’t even go there?

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