I Will Not Let This Baby Fall off the Bed. I Will Not Let This Baby Fall off the Bed.

Baby girl
As long as I never stop thinking about her (never, ever), it shouldn't be too hard, right?

It’s not like I let my older daughter fall off the bed. I just didn’t know that she was going to choose to roll over for the first time at the exact moment I left her in the middle of the bed while I went downstairs to throw the laundry in the dryer.

You’d think I learned my lesson then. You’d think, right?

About a week after she rolled over (and off) for the first time, however, she did it again. This time when she fell asleep on the couch and I sat about five feet away. I figured she couldn’t go far without me right there, right? Wrong.

Now that my younger daughter has rolled over for the first time, I won’t make that same mistake again. IthinkIcanIthinkIcan.

I love hearing from moms who never, ever do something wrong when it comes to their kids. It’s amazing! I don’t know how they do it. Not a mistake. Ever! I’m so not that mom. Thank goodness I breed ’em strong. Because I do stuff wrong all. the. time.

I’d like to think I can watch every move my kids make to ensure they’ll never bump, bruise or bleed (speaking of bleeding, by the way, I was clipping the baby’s toenails this morning and drew blood. Hey, you try clipping tiny toenails on a moving target and tell me if you don’t report being the cause of any blood. Go ahead. I’ll wait.).

But I’m determined not to let this poor little roll off of anything. Starting . . . now (she fell off my lap before, but that doesn’t count, right?). Or starting right after I go to the bathroom. She’ll be OK on the bed for a minute, right? PleaseSayYesPleaseSayYes.

What’s happened to your baby that you could have prevented?

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll