If I Could Give New Moms One Piece Of Advice...


If I could give one piece of advice to new mothers it would simply be this:  get online.

Thank God I was pregnant and gave birth in the age of the internet.

You can only bore your “real life” friends in person for so long.  Even if they’re tried and true, solid friends they’ll eventually tire of hearing about your pregnancy, the baby, you complaining how tired you are or another detailed account of breastfeeding and the intimate state of affairs in your milky bosom.  And even if they don’t bail on you it’s awfully hard sometimes for a new mama to get out and about to meet up with friends.  Let’s be honest, when you have a new baby, showering once a day is a huge victory.

That’s where the web comes in.  You can commiserate with women who’re going through the exact same thing you’re going through and learn from the brutally honest accounts of those who went before you.  It’s especially useful – as I recently discovered while home on maternity leave – for the stay-at-home-mama who longs for adult interaction.

Speaking of adult interaction, I was recently interviewed as part of Babble’s “Wisdom From Mom Bloggers” series in which they chat with their Top 50 Mom Bloggers. I was lucky enough to be included with some inspirational moms whose blogs  have helped me navigate some rough mothering moments.  So check it out.  If you’re anything like me you’ll get to clicking and discover a new blog crush.  Ahem… Teresa Strasser, are you listening?

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