If You Love Cute Baby & Dog Stuff…{Videos}

Oh. My. Word.

In all of our methods and attempts at soothing Abby, never have we considered getting a dog!  Now, I have a whole new approach in selling the mister on getting a pup.

He loves and wants, just not ready – things are too crazy he says. ‘Honey,’ I say – ‘things are always gonna be crazy, in way or another – welcome to your life.’

Mama’s and papa’s you can now add getting a dog to your list of colic soothing methods, as this video clearly demonstrates.

Also? The bond between a dog and it’s owners, big and small – truly is magnificent. This little diddy brought me great joy this morning.

You, over there on your computer. You’re grinning from ear to ear aren’t you? In case you’re looking for more, this singing and talking rendition betwixt a babe and their husky, is the bomb diggs.

Do you have pets? Was it difficult to get your pet used to a new baby? Is it a good idea to get a puppy now…so everybody gets used to everybody at once? What about the beautiful bond as depicted in those video’s? Who has their own to share?

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