I'll Pretty Much Do Anything...{Video}

Baby Milestones: Laughter!

… to make this little beauty smile, especially now since those smiles are turning into coos and chuckles. They are delicate yet deep and guttural all at once.

I know that once she’s gotten the hang of it, we’re in for gales of loud, joyful laughter. She’s only just 3 1/2 months old yet!

These moments, these days, are constant reminders of our time in its simple, yet overwhelming, specialness.

What may be everyday sundry to some is my saving grace in the midst of those less than chuckling moments. It’ll be gone in a flash and you bet I’ll act the total goof to get her chuckling.

I’ll be falling nothing short of cavorting around like a half crazed monkey on acid, oomping and loomping. Wait. I do that anyways. Nothing new here, then … except of course, our adorable little girl’s cheeky giggles.

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