I'll Take the Left Side, Please


Ok, it’s time to admit something. Tate totally prefers the left side. I noticed it months ago, but thought it might pass. He will certainly nurse on the right side, but if he is at all tired or fussy, he will only take the left. And I definitely can’t nurse him on the right before he goes to bed — he won’t have it. The real question is, why do I keep trying? Whenever I do try it, Tate will squirm and fuss and Steve will say, “You know what he wants. Just feed him on the left already.”

I can generally get him to take the right in the night when he’s all sorts of drowsy, or if I have already started the feeding on the left. I continue to try to make sure that he takes the right, even if it’s just for a few minutes, because I really don’t want to get lopsided or have my supply affected. So far, I think I look symmetrical, but am quite sure that my left is producing more than the right. I don’t know what kind of issues might arise later, or what is causing him to have a preference.

Did your baby have a preferred side? Did you notice any effects in your size or supply? Did it ever go away? I would love to hear about it!

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