I'm a Crazy Breastfeeding Momma! Part 1: The Pictures

Look! No Cover! And I’m in public!

So sorry for my absence here on Babble. For the past 3 days I was hosting the FitBloggin’ event. A conference I started and organize for bloggers interest in Health and Wellness.

I don’t have time to go into all the crazy details right now (I must sleep after all) but I wanted to hop on real quick and share some pics as a part 1.

Having these taken and sharing them here is liberating to say the least. To think, just a month ago I was excited to find a cover that worked for me now I’m nursing in the middle of a conference in plain site while working!

Honestly.. it. was. AWESOME.

Me breastfeeding in public


This one is my favorite.

Even Standing Up!

I’ll fill you in on the story and my thoughts in Part 2. I promise.

Good Night!

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