I'm Blessed to be a (Mom) Blogger

I’m a Mom. I’m a blogger. So I guess that gives me the title of Mom Blogger. And that’s fine with me. I feel blessed to make a difference and share my story.

Bloggers, we are changing the world one amazing writer at a time. And we can thank our readers, fans, all of those who follow us on social media, follow our children lives, follow us — continue to inspire us to do what we love. 

As a Mom, being able to write and follow my passion from the comfort of my home is one of the things I remind myself to constantly be thankful for — over and over. Sure, it has it’s tough moments as I work through dinner with my laptop on the counter but I can’t imagine getting 5 kids to daycare and out the door, and then head to work. I know plenty of Moms do it, and bless their hardworking hearts. Sometimes, working from home is just as hard and I think any full-time working momma deserves credit — no matter where they are, office or home, we should never compete against who has it better. But this brings me to my point. I promise, there is one. 

What would we do without blogs? Would you feel lost if your favorite blogger called it quit? What if Babble wasn’t full of different bloggers voicing their opinion  Would you be wondering what happened in their life? Do you ever wonder what it would be like without Instagram? Can you even remember a life before Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? We are constantly connected. Sharing babies first moments — the first steps, the milestones, our favorite pair of shoes.  I can’t imagine life any other way. I often ask,  how did I ever keep up with everyone before blogging? I can tell you one thing, I probably have double the close friends now — all thanks to entering the blog world.

Blogging has brought me so many opportunities , it has changed my life as a Mom. I’ve met wonderful people, I’ve built an online support system, I’ve made connections and networked with people that I never ever would have even met if it wasn’t for blogging. And now — I will be in a documentary sharing my story with some really-amazing bloggers.

About a month ago I got an email from the very adorable and sweet Texas film maker, Chris Wiegand, husband to one of my cyber besties, Casey. You may know them as The Wiegands. They are simply amazing. They have 3 adorable littles. I can’t put into words how captivating Casey’s blog is- her life as a Mom, how wonderful every moment is when she blogs. And I am not saying that ts because she is my friend. Her Super-Mom powers shine through in inspiring essays, beautiful pictures and love-filled posts that are sure to bring tears to your eyes. She’s real. She’s honest. She’s raw. She’s amazing. I often can’t imagine my life without her pure sweetness. But when you pair her up with her incredible film maker husband Chris — well, the duo is sure to change the world.

So why I am telling you all about the amazing and one-of-a-kind family, The Wiegands? The latest project Chris (who started his own film company!) will be working on all summer — from an Airstream (over an 8 week period) that he has been remodeling for weeks is something that in just so exciting. You can read more about it all on Casey’s blog, but the documentary  is all about bloggers. The plan is to travel the US in the airstream to film and document his journey, the entire way, taking pictures as well and sharing stories, digging deeper into the world of blogging.




Here is a little excerpt from Chris that I received via email when he asked ME, yes — little old me, to be a part of the amazing documentary AMERICAN BLOGGER. 

“What I started this whole film idea for me was how my wife loves to blog/instagram so much and she is always meeting new people and, in most cases, really (sincerely) connecting with people around the country (and world). I was really more interested to dig deeper into all this blogging/instagram/twittter world and one, help people understand how cool it is to have an area on the internet that is all yours. And two, I hope to sort-of take a visual snapshot of this time in history when all these instagrammers/bloggers are able to put something out there into the world and really shape culture (in a positive way). An example of a visual element (besides the interviews and actual stories) – Imagine a woman sitting in a skyscraper apartment in NY and she reaches in her pocket and grabs a phone, takes a pic of the city below and uploads it. Then imaging another, sitting on a porch  looking at the mountains, grabs their phone, takes a pic, and uploads it. This is so visually beautiful because they are both doing the exact same thing from two completely different worlds and perspectives. I think this is important to show the differences and similarities!!! I truly think this will be a emotional movie as well as a big hit.”

All of this opens my eyes. It opens to my eyes to why I need to remember to be thankful for the opportunities, every post I publish – the hours spent on it shouldn’t matter. I’m sharing my story, my advice, thoughts on motherhood — bloggers, we are sharing it all. It reminds to always follow your heart, your passion, do what you love — love what you do.

I’m so honored to be part of this journey and to have the chance to share my story, as a mom, as a blogger.  I can’t wait to share more tidbits of filming, which I am sure will be pure chaos at my house, and allow you all to be part of American Blogger with me.

PSSTTTT >> Head over to The Wiegands now! They are giving away $400 right now to spread the word — #americanblogger style. Oh, and make sure you follow Chris (@chriswiegand) on Instagram! He truly is just so unbelievable talented. 

Images courtesy of Casey Weigands Instagram feed (@caseyleighwiegand)

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