I'm Burning My Nursing Bras


I hate my nursing bras.

I think they could quite possibly be the worst nursing bras in existence. They are certainly the worst bras in MY dresser drawer. Yes, even worse than that ill-fitting strapless thing in there I bought for my best friend’s wedding nine years ago.

I couldn’t find a tag in either one of them to find out what size they might be or who makes them.

That right there is a red flag. What grown woman owns a bra with no tags? What happened to them? Surely they had tags at some point, right?

Why do they suck so much?

The bras were purchased when I was nursing my first born—four years ago. Back then I had no idea what to buy or where to look for good nursing bras and it is very apparent in the quality of these things.

They are that boring tan stretchy fabric and have pretty much zero built in support. The adjustment straps slip throughout the day and have created an extra inch or two of unwanted strap length by the time the day is over. Have I mentioned they have pretty much zero sex appeal?

Why I saved them is beyond me.

I want bras that are sexy not dowdy. Breastfeeding doesn’t change. I need underwire support and straps that don’t slip. I need good quality nursing bras.

And when I find some, I’m burning the ones I currently wear.