I'm Not Ready to Hand Down the Hand-Me-Downs


908520_10102949308893183_1440889032_nWhen we moved from Tampa to New York City, I made sure to pack every single item in Harlan’s room. That included all of the clothes that she had worn from the day she was born. I knew that I wanted another baby and if it happened to be a girl, I’d have plenty of clothes to provide for her.

Luckily we were blessed with another little girl and Avery has taken advantage of all of her big sister’s hand-me-downs. Although the girls were born at completely opposite seasons, Avery’s tiny little body is still able to fit in many of the clothes that Harlan wore when she was a baby.

As Avery gets older and I pack up all of the clothes she’s outgrown, I am torn at what to do with them. It’s no secret that I want another baby. But unfortunately with our lifestyle in the city it’s just not practical at the moment. There are plenty of people that will pack three kids into a two bedroom apartment in New York City. In fact, it’s quite normal. But for us, it’s much more than space. It’s the insane cost of putting the girls in school and all of the increased costs that New York City has just to live. But I’ve fallen in love with this city. So I’m at a crossroads. I want it all. And maybe that’s being a bit selfish. But I’m being honest.

Amy Wruble recently wrote a heartfelt post about the emotion that comes with giving away your baby’s clothes that they’ve outgrown. As much as I want to pass along the hand-me-dows, I just can’t. We don’t have the space for all of it, so the practical side of me is saying just get rid of it. But the emotional side of me wants to keep it for that “just in case.” And the emotional side of me is winning at the moment.

So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve packed it all up and it’s currently sitting in my room waiting to be taken to the storage unit with hope that I might be able to pull it out a few years from now and put it on another little bundle of joy that we’ve added to our family. And if that doesn’t happen then I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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