I'm Supposed To Sleep When?


“Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

Such a great piece of advice for new parents.

Those early days with a newborn makes sleep a precious commodity. If you can sleep throughout the day, being up all night is a little less painful.

But what becomes of those short blissful naps when you have not only a newborn in the house, but also a 4 year old?

They pretty much disappear.

My oldest stopped taking naps a long time ago. That was a sad day. Getting him to lay down and snooze with me in the afternoon is a rare treat these days.

Having a non-napper in the house means that I don’t get to nap either. There is no “sleep when the baby sleeps” for me.

Instead, I get to be the exhausted momma with the dark circles under her eyes. The one trying to remember when newborns start sleeping through the night.