Infant Abs of Steel [Video]

3 months old is the new 2 months old

According to my little bundle of joy, three-months-old is totally the new two-months-old. I cannot believe another month has gone by and this Saturday will mark her official three month birthday, although she is 12-weeks-old as of this passed Saturday.

But like I talked about in my post about Addie’s check up… she is doing this new little mini baby crunch, and if she keeps it up she is going to have little infant abs of steel, because she is doing it all day long!

I had tried to get it on video a couple times, but when ever I would sneak in with my flip cam, she would freeze and make me into a huge liar, so instead, yesterday morning when she started exercising for the day, I grabbed my iPhone and caught it all, including her brother’s obsession with her. Which included hands, feet, and adorable words of encouragement.

Also, don’t mind my corny mother cheers.  It certainly is an exciting time!

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