Infographic: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Baby Food


Kara turned three-months-old yesterday, and I have started pondering when I should start her on solid foods.

My pediatrician will undoubtedly recommend her first food be rice cereal, and I am anticipating the green light at her next appointment when she turns four-months-old. This was the directive given to me two years ago when my son was a baby.

I find this odd, since everything I read says it is best to delay solids until 6 months, and that rice cereal is in fact a terrible first food choice.

I am also hoping to avoid store-bought baby food this time in favor of wholesome, homemade foods. I found this infographic on baby food interesting, and I think you will too!

Click below to learn 5 things you didn’t know about baby food.

Source: ConsumerBell

When did you start your baby on solids?

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