Into The Woods

sunset on the lake
It's all worth it for this sunset...

Tomorrow we head north to our main summer locale. It’s a trek to get there. Not quite as long as moving from Utah to Pennsylvania, but six or seven solid hours of driving with a sub-three-year-old and a ten month-old. We are doing the trip in two legs: hitching a ride with my parents on their way to a weekend in the Berkshires, then T, my husband, will pick us up and we’ll proceed the rest of the way from there. It should be a nice long day. I will definitely take heed to all the advice that Monica gave, as well as the tips from my own travel experience.

I’m charging the DVD player as we speak, and for the first part of the trip, I’ll be jammed between the two boys and thus available for coloring, stickers, snack administration, book reading (if I don’t vomit) and if need be, some advanced breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, our time zone issues continued tonight and my children refused to go to bed before almost 11pm. I’m exhausted, and still have a lot of packing to do. I suspect (hope) there will be a lot of sleeping in the car tomorrow.

Once we get there, we’ll be roughing it a bit. In addition to our massive plumbing problems, the flooded lake, and a lawn that’s so overgrown we’ll barely be able to walk through it, there’s the regular stuff: we’ll be showering with (filtered) lake water for a couple of months, and there aren’t a ton of amenities. We have no dishwasher or air-conditioning. I still have to purchase a good long distance monitor since most of our adult outside time will consist of sitting around a fire pit.  There’s the issue of bugs and the Fuzzball, since there’s no real good bug spray (that I’ve heard of) that doesn’t have poison in it. (unless you know of one, if so please share) I’m looking forward to being in the woods and getting back to nature a bit, but it might be interesting with the Fuzzball this year.

Not sure how I will handle some of it but I guess I will be forced to go with the flow. At least delivers there. Any advice from seasoned campers out there? Any big travel plans this July 4th?