Is It Time To Pack Up That Baby Monitor?


My baby girl is 10 weeks old now, and we don’t use a monitor anymore.

I know, that seems early to quit the habit, right? Especially if you add in the fact that we just stopped using a monitor with my 4.5-year-old, oh, about 10 weeks ago. I’m still a bit twitchy without the monitor, but I like not constantly obsessing about it either.

I have many friends that would say “from my cold dead hands” when I asked how I’d get the monitor from their clutches, but what about you? Am I in the minority in not using a monitor?

Our kids rooms are on the second floor and our master bedroom is on the first floor, so having a monitor in my boys’ room up until now has been a necessity at night because they still have a hard time at night (read: nightmares galore) and wouldn’t come get us. Once the new baby came I finally gave up having to be able to hear the other kids, and put the monitor by her instead. Well, she is on the main floor and since she is most definitely loud enough for us to hear her. (And it wasn’t a video monitor  — I’ve been hesitant to start that habit. I’ve heard just one watch and you’re hooked.) It was just cumbersome on my nightstand to have yet another device there. I also like to have somewhat of a “sleep sanctuary” and limit anything electronic in the bedroom.

I know the draw in being able to listen in on the kids — but it definitely made me more twitchy always having it on every night. Each little bump and I’d run to hold it to my ear to see if I missed something. Also I’ve noticed that a little cry (like one second long) or snuffle is fine, and usually my baby goes back to sleep.

What about you? Are you jonesin’ for another hit off that monitor even now?

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