Is the Baby Teething?

drooling away

Tate is generally a pretty easy baby to figure out. He likes a clean diaper, a full tummy, and a good sleep. I usually know how to calm him, but tonight was the breaking point. He cried and fussed and fussed and cried. He wouldn’t feed no matter how persistently I tried, and he wouldn’t chew on anything but my knuckle with every ounce of strength he could muster.

After his break down I gave him some Tylenol – the kicker is that he gave up and collapsed to sleep in my arms inside ten minutes. My husband mentioned tonight while Tate was asleep that he had noticed Tate biting down on his finger with some serious angst too.

I have noticed that he has been drooling significantly more than usual, but didn’t think much of it before the other  symptoms started. And now I am seriously wondering if Tate could be teething? At just barely over three months, I did not expect this to happen yet.

Did any of you guys see your baby teeth this early? If so, what was the best way you found to sooth your baby? I would love some advice.