It Feels So Great. Why Not Do it Every Day?

Me & OLJ’s Beauty Philosophy

So here we are. Gordon is 4.5 months and I have been to the gym exactly 2 times. It’s weird. When I go I feel so good. Sure it’s really good for you, that’s been established, but it actually makes me feel pretty to work out. The burn buried under the jiggly spots, the flushed cheeks and it just makes me feel so good about myself. So why don’t I do something that makes me feel so good about myself every day? Of course there’s the whole time-management thing but you would think that in-between all those hours of DVRed Archer episodes I would have found more than two opportunities to squeeze in a half-hour on the elliptical. I’ll even share the most embarrassing part of all of it. I have a “beauty” secret tied to all of this. No it’s not pink legwarmers. Here goes…

Pricey but worth it for my stunning beauty.

Even when I haven’t been to the gym in weeks, Ill throw on a pair of sneakers, leggings, a loose v-neck T and a headband for the ultimate in “just left the gym” style. “Wow! She looks great for just having Zumba-ed.” Somehow it’s so much more forgiving than, well, pretty much any mama look I can pull off each morning. Shame. Tell me I’m not alone in my trickery.

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