It Was The Mother's Day Of My Dreams!!


sunflower bouquetI have to tell you about this Mother’s Day…

First of all, Fuzz slept ALL night! When I woke up, my husband had made my coffee and toast and then I heard a knock at the door. There was a beautiful sunflower bouquet!

Just as I closed the door, there was another knock. It was a cleaning service! They were there to do a thorough cleaning of the house while we went out for brunch!! We came home to a sparkling house, they even unscrewed the light bulbs and dusted them!

Then, everyone miraculously took a 2 hour nap together! Then, my husband dropped me off for an afternoon of spa treatments!

I didn’t do one stitch of laundry!
I didn’t wash a single dish!
T changed all the poopy diapers!
The Shnook didn’t have any tantrums!
It was AMAZING!!!!!!

Too bad it was all a dream.
Except the laundry part, but that was a choice.

Really, I had a fine day. We went to brunch and spent some time in the back yard while Shnook watered the plants. I did get a nap with Fuzz, too. So overall, not a bad Sunday.

**Edit – I want to share my favorite Mother’s Day YouTube Video. This makes me crack up every year.

Photo: Flickr/Matt Mendoza