It's a Girl!?


Girl clothesYesterday, we got a gift for Fuzz from some east coast friends. It was in a pink package but I didn’t really think much of that. When I opened it, it was full of some really cute clothes that happened to be pink, white, and red with lots of flowers and hearts. The card said: “Congratulations on your precious new daughter!”

Hmmmmmm.  I’m pretty sure we sent these people our digital birth announcement. I’m also pretty sure my husband has talked to the male half of the family since Fuzz’s birth. There has obviously been some miscommunication.

So…what’s the protocol here?

Do I just send a thank you card and not mention anything? The clothes are SO cute it makes me wish Fuzz was a girl. No, not really, but you know what I mean. Girl clothes are way cuter than boy clothes, and these in particular are totally adorable.

I mean, they are going to figure it out in a day or so when they get our holiday card. The gift and the holiday card were criss-crossing the country at the same time.

T says I should just take a picture of Fuzz wearing the clothes and send it to them, just like you would for any other clothing gift.

They did send a gift receipt. I’m not worried about returning the stuff, just wondering how I should address it in the thank you note, if at all?

What would you do in this situation?

Photo: Flickr/GoRun26