It's all in the Delivery: Hilarious ETrade Baby Mail Video

Gordon talking trash

With a newborn dude in the house, I couldn’t resist trying out the ETrade Baby Mail that everyone has been talking about. So fun! I suspect it will offer hours of entertainment for my mushy new mom brain this Super Bowl weekend.

Find out how it works and see baby Gordon’s first Baby Mail…
Here’s what you do: You upload a photo of your ‘lil snickerdoodle, then either use one of ETrade’s hilarious Super Bowl-related trash-talking messages in the voice of the real ETrade Baby; or type a custom message which is translated into a voice message; or record your own voice message by phone or computer. Then Baby Mail works it’s magic and creates a video for you to share with your baby’s fan-base. I’m totally busting out some Baby Mail thank you notes this weekend. If you make a video, share the link in the comments! I want to be amused by your adorable talking babies all weekend, while I’m eating cheese dip.

See Gordon’s Video and make your own ETrade Baby Mail