It's Been... How Long?


its beenOne of the first things I was given at the hospital after Wolf was born was a feeding/diaper log.  It was a bright pink piece of paper that had slots for each along with the time and date.  The nurses told me that I should keep the log up to date so that I could monitor when Wolf was eating and peeing.  I decided right away to download an app called Total Baby that I could use on my iPhone rather than having to tote around that piece of paper with me.  Besides, I knew that I’d be using my phone as a source of entertainment while feeding Wolf in the wee hours of the morning.

Now I’ve carried my phone around with me constantly for these three weeks monitoring when Wolf sleeps, how many wet or dirty diapers he has, even when he has a little tummy time.  But now it’s gotten to a point of almost obsession and I’m wondering how long should I keep it up?

The app really came in handy during those first days with Wolf.  Especially since I was so tired and overwhelmed with new responsibility.  The nurses would ask when he’d last nursed or how many wet diapers he had?  And if I hadn’t been logging them into the app I would have been totally lost.  I especially like being able to see how long it’s been since I’ve fed him since I’m struggling with breastfeeding and trying to amp up my milk supply.

But last night, my husband sync’d my phone and somehow everything ended up in different folders.  I freaked out thinking that all of the information in my app had been deleted.  That minor freak out lead me to ask myself, how long do I need to keep this up?  I think we’ve established a pretty good system around here, so moms, did you monitor your wee ones in those early days? If so, how long did you keep it up?

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